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Stay with Me Matching Set - Smiles By Jo
Stay with Me Matching Set - Smiles By Jo

Stay with Me Matching Set

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WARNING: These necklaces contain special *magical* powers!

Helping to ease minds and avoid the kindy/daycare/school drop-off you dread.

When your wee one, absolutely loses it.

Tears, screams, clinging to you, and the dreaded

“I want to come with you, don’t leave me!!!”

It’s that sort of situation that rips your heart out. Even when you know it’ll happen at some point, you’re still not prepared for it.

So... Get some MAGICAL help!

Magical Mummy and Me Necklace sets!

These are of course in Sophia’s colours and shapes etc, but you get the idea!

These ones have two hearts entwined on one side, containing her name and mine, and on the other side, a pair of dandelions 🌿

But you’re welcome to pop notes in the wee box provided of your theme or any additional details.

These come WITH FREE magical engraving 💕



(Note this is just what I did, not how you have to do it 😉)

I told Sophia, she can wear her Magical necklace at kindy, and if she feels like she wants/needs to give Mummy a cuddle, all she has to do is squeeze her necklace and it’ll give me the cuddle. I told her I can do the same no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I don’t know about you, but in this house, we believe in Magic ✨💕

And sometimes, to fight the fear or win the war, or even just for reassurance, you just need a little magic on your side 💕💕💕

** Please Note: Mini's Necklaces are designed for wee ones aged 3 YEARS AND OLDER. These are NOT suitable for anyone under 3 YEARS OF AGE.