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Mystery Item!

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In case you missed the chat we had about mystery goodies or need a bit of a refresh, here’s the dealio!

So, you’ll buy as an example, a $30 mystery pack. 

In the box provided in the listing, give me some sort of idea of your style(woodland, mermaid etc) or your colour loves(Eg I like pinks and purples, rainbow, something boyish please, etc etc) or even something as simple as ‘it’s a baby shower for a wee girl’, ‘miss 3 is a fashionista help!’ Etc 

I create for you, a gorgeous set of random goodies with a MINIMUM value of $30(or whatever the mystery value is) ensuring of course you get the best value and maybe even some items that aren’t up for sale in the normal retail store! 

(Think different Rattles and shapes, individual hanging toys, etc etc ) 

Absolutely PERFECT if you’re shopping for a baby shower, or just can’t decide on colour combos! 

** PLEASE NOTE: As these items are selected RANDOMLY, we don't offer swaps, refunds or replacements(unless an item is faulty) 
If there is a particular type of item you DONT WANT, eg dummy clips, please specify this in the box provided.